Travel Guide to Matnog Sorsogon: Subic Beach, Juag Lagoon + Tikling Island

Matnog, Sorsogon Matnog is a town in Sorsogon found at the tip of Southern Luzon. It’s well-known for its ferry terminal going to Allen Port, connecting Bicol and Northern Samar. Near Matnog port, there are 3 unspoiled islands: Calintaan Island, Juag Island and Tikling Island. Travel time is about 30minutes to 1 hour. How to [...]

How to Go to White Island, Camiguin on a Budget

Updated Post: Nov 2017 Planning to go to Camiguin and see its famous White Island on a budget? Check out our Itinerary & Expenses for our trip to White Island, Camiguin from Cagayan de Oro Airport (Lagundingan International Airport)! CDO to Camiguin: Option 1 (From Cagayan de Oro Airport) From Cagayan de Oro (Lagundingan International [...]

Discover 6 Best Unspoiled Destinations in Leyte Worth Visiting

Last Update: Jan 2017 Being upfront with various issues, stresses, and life’s frenzies, we always strive to find solace in everything. But no one can ever go wrong in finding inner peace with nature. The Philippines will surely take you abuzz with top beach destinations to choose from. However, not all will promise you a [...]

10 Awesome Beaches in the Philippines You Must See this Summer

Last Updated: April 2017 SUMMER is here once again! With about 7,107 Islands, Philippines will surely keep you abuzz and engulf on a long list of where-to-go ideas this summer. With each island offering a great summer experience – from tasting authentic and exotic Filipino food to sight-seeing breathtaking mountain ranges to exploring rich marine [...]