DIY: How to Explore Siquijor from Dumaguete for Only Php1650

Updated Siquijor Travel Guide 2019 Siquijor Province is part of the Visayas Island in the Philippines. Oftentimes, when the name of the province is mentioned, thoughts of creepy creatures and black magic pops up (home of witches, aswang, tikbalang, and mambabarang). But during our trip, thoughts of these have been put aside to what we [...]

How to Travel to Siquijor and Dumaguete on a Budget

Beach Bumming? Check. Blast from the past? Check. Food trip? Check. This haven of awe-inspiring and breathtaking nature, rich history and abundant culinary I am talking about is the provinces of Siquijor and Dumaguete. Certainly, these are the things you won’t likely to hear when talking about these places. But let us reverse your thoughts [...]