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Get to See the Chocolate Hills Up-Close with an ATV Ride

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One of the most exciting activities to try in Bohol is seeing the amazing Chocolate Hills up-close by riding an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle. For those who are looking for some adventures, then this activity is right for you.

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Journey Insider Tips:

  • I joined the Countryside Tour (which includes a visit to Chocolate Hills) offered by Bohol Coco Farm and paid Php 400/ head.
  • Just before the entrance to the Chocolate Hills Complex, you’ll find Graham ATV Rental. They offer different packages (30mins, 1hr, 2hrs and 4hrs). I only availed the 30-min ATV ride which costs Php 450 (includes a helmet and a tour guide) since I was with the group tour and we also had a limited time staying in the Chocolate Hills Complex.
  • There’s an additional Php 50 for the barangay fee.
  • Make sure to bring some extra clothes in case you got muddy during the tour
  • Before having the tour, a helmet and safety gears will be provided for safety purposes.


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The Chocolate Hills via ATV Ride

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Graham ATV Rental Rates: (as of August 2016)

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  • Package A – 30 minutes (3 Sisters’ Hill) – Php 450
  • Package B – Approx 1hr (3 Sisters’ Hills and 8 Sisters’ Hills) – Php 900
  • Package C – Approx 2hrs (3 Sisters’ Hills, 8 Sisters’ Hills, Mini Rice Terraces and Mini Forest) – Php 1750
  • Package D – Approx 4hrs (3 Sisters’ Hills, 8 Sisters’ Hills, Mini Rice Terraces, Mini Forest and Anislag Falls) – P3450

Note: I extended up to 1hr and also went to 8 Sisters’ Hills and Mini Forest and only paid Php 450. Thanks to my tour guide. 🙂

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