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Stranded at the Airport? 12 Things to Do When Boredom Strikes

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Being stuck at the airport for about 4 to 8 hours or even longer makes you feel not good. However, these experiences are very common and are an inevitable part of a travel escapade. To avoid having your energy and excitement suck out on your journey, have yourself a dull-free moment all throughout your trip by considering these travel tips. You might get surprised that apart from having a great travel experience, you have also another time for some overlooked to-do items.

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So before you found yourself rushing to the airport to catch your flight and unfortunately got stranded, read this travel guide.

1. Enjoy Having a Selfie and Check Pictures

Whenever I’m at the airport, I took out my phone and capture the very first part of my escapade – leaving my comforts. When passing time out, I take a moment to check my gallery to source out crappy photos and to organize photo files which took me some time to work out at home. It also gives me additional space on my memory card for new pictures to take on the road.

2. Respond to All Your Late Messages and Emails

Packing my stuff, going through my travel itinerary are some of the things that consume my time before going off the road. Due to this, I leave some messages unattended that already accumulates through time. Being at the airport, doing nothing planned, I take this time out to open my emails or social media account to reply to messages I was able to ignore but I tried to make sure I will not make any work related stuff to have a great holiday.

3. Read Reviews about your Destination and Plan Your Itinerary

If in any way, I was not able to prepare a travel plan to my destination or wanted to do some additional stuff to insert into my itinerary, I use these downtimes at the airport to read about what other wanderlust like me experience on the road. Of course, I don’t want to miss any top to do things when I hit my destination. This is the best time for me to make additional tour or table reservations and organize again my itinerary.

4. Go Online on your Social Media Accounts

Thanks to the existence of smartphones, mobile data, and wifi! Whenever I’m unfortunately stuck at the airport, all I do is grab my phone post an update to share early bits of my travel experience or read newsfeed on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.

5. Take Chitchat with your Friends

If I do not take a solo flight, I grab this opportunity to have a chat with my companions to boost energy and excitement on our trip. And since I will be spending a whole lot of time with my buddies, I take this chance to know our likes and dislikes during trips to have a smooth flowing journey.

6. Read Books/ Magazines or Listen to Some Music

During my travels, I carry with me a book or magazines or I downloaded some e-books on my phone that are part of my “what-to-read” list that I kept setting aside for some important matters to pass time. However, if the bookworm in me is in a hibernate mode, I spend time listening to music especially those that offers relaxation.

7. Write About Your Travel Experiences and Blog

The best time for me to write about my travel journey is when I am still ecstatic with my experience so that my delights are accurately reflected in my journal. Idle times at the airport give me a moment to write down about the experiences I had during recent trips. Or I made time to start jotting down my excitement on a whole new journey ahead of me.

8. Eat, Go to Coffee Shop or Go for a Walk

Before the time arrives that I need to hop on the plane, I started out my food trip experience right at the peripheral of the airport. With various food stalls scattered inside the airport, I have numerous options to satisfy my tummy. Right after a festive meal, I try coffee shops in the area to have energy booster drink. And after an affair with foods, I go for a walk around the airport and be entertained with various sceneries – a wave of Hi and Hello, a hug of goodbyes and ‘til we meet again.

9. Play your Favorite Games on your Mobile Phone

Playing games is a very popular pastime at the airport. With the convenience of smartphones, it became a kind of automatic thing to kill time for a lot of people including me. When downtime strikes, I take this time to accomplish a scheduled mission on the Clash of Clans or try breaking a whole new level at Candy Crush and Plants vs Zombies.

10. Watch Movie on your Smartphone

Watching movies has always been a great option for me to kill time. It’s like a medication that makes me feel like I haven’t wait at all. So when traveling, I see to it that I have a couple of videos and movies saved on my phone. Most are items I wanted to cross out on my movies-to-watch list.

11. Learn the Lingo / Practice a New Language

If I am up to some non-English country, I see to it that I carry with me a dictionary or a mobile app like Duolingo. Learning a new language and basic phrases of the local to help me easily interact with them is just an educational way to pass time.

12. Make a Follow-Up about the Status of your Flight. Be sure to be Polite

When I experienced delayed flight, I always make sure to check any updates on the status of my flight from time to time so I know the reason for my waiting. It keeps me at peace while being stuck at the airport.

Additional Tips:

  • When you use your gadgets (smartphones, cameras, laptops etc), be sure to look for nearby outlets to recharge your batteries.
  • Don’t Take a Nap When You’re Alone.
  • Be attentive with your belongings.
  • Always listen to flight advisories.
  • Keep in mind your flight number.
  • Look where the nearest restroom area is situated.

How about you? How do you pass time at the airport? Share with us your travel tips.

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