Boracay Sunset Photos You’ll Surely Love

Travel Photos: Stunning Sunset in Boracay Island No trip to Boracay Island would be complete without catching its beautiful sunset. It’s one activity you shouldn’t miss when you visit this island. Some of the best spots to watch the stunning sunsets are at Paraw Sailing station and Willy’s Rock. See some of our photos of […]

Amazing Heart-Shaped Wonders of the World

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, you’ve probably got romantic destinations on your mind. Think beyond Paris, Venice, Amsterdam and wrap your head around someplace a little more unique. Consider these amazing heart-shaped spots around the world. Fall in Love with these Amazing and Breathtaking Heart-Shaped Destinations Around the World 1.  Tavarua Island, Fiji 2. Heart […]

5 Amazing Bridges Around the World I Love to See

Here at, we have picked 5 of the most famous and amazing bridges from around the world.  Enjoy reading! 1.  Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia According to Transport Road and Maritime Services NSW, Sydney Harbour Bridge is listed in Guinness Book of Records as the world’s widest long-span bridge with a total length […]